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This is a picture of our tasting in 2017, we had 138 people come through that day!


Spring is on its way, just last week I saw some tulips breaking through the soil.

This years wine tasting will be on May 5th. We will be having 3 groups starting at 11am for a one hour sessions. 11am, 12:30 and again at 2pm. Each group will only have 20 people, so book sooner than later.

You will need to buy a $10.00 coupon per person attending, which you will receive, a credit on any purchases that day equal to the same.

Please call with your credit card in hand, our phones will be very busy.



How does our points system work?


As an appreciation for your loyalty and continued business we at Sheppard Wine Works wants to thank you and reward you for that loyalty. We have  started our own in house Customer Loyalty Program (CLP).

What does this mean to you?  In a nut shell more savings to you. Earn points on all kits or batches of wine you order. 100 points for every dollar you spend.


1) Pay with your Debit card versus your Visa or M/C and earn 10% more points added to your account.


2) Refer a friend and earn 50 000 points added to your account.


3) Order your next wine when bottling and receive 10% more points on your new batch.



Points                                        Value


10 000                                              $1.00

20 000                                              $4.00

30 000                                              $9.00

40 000                                            $16.00

50 000                                            $25.00

60 000                                            $36.00

70 000                                            $49.00

80 000                                            $64.00


We now do Soda machine CO2 exchanges, $10.00 each. We now have your favourite syrups as well.





Sheppard Wine Works


187 Sheppard Ave East

North York, ON

M2N 3A8